LINDBERG thintanium

We are proud to present the brand new thintanium collection.
The designers and engineers at LINDBERG have pushed the possibilities of titanium to new heights by creating an ultra-thin titanium eyewear collection, which benefits from the superior strengths of titanium. This is achieved by challenging the latest and most modern manufacturing technologies. The result is the all-new and patent pending thintanium collection – a clear benchmark for the future of titanium eyewear.

5509 - U9/GC97

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5504 PU15/GC87

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5517 PU13

5509 U9/GC97

5504 PU15/GC87

an engineering milestone

Thintanium is named after the revolutionary thin titanium strip developed by LINDBERG. Using titanium in such a minimalistic way makes the designs super-lightweight weighing as little as 3.3 g. The ultra-thin design, along with the new screwless hinge design, gives the collection a light and elegant look.

almost invisible

The LINDBERG thintanium collection looks essentially rimless in appearance, yet it still maintains the stability of a full titanium front. This is achieved by imbedding the ultra-thin front in the groove of the lenses. You need to look closely to truly understand and appreciate the great design.

award winner

The LINDBERG thintanium collection has already achieved recognition and so far, gained two of the most sought-after design awards: “The Red Dot: Best of the Best” – the highest award in the competition, reserved for the very best products, and the iF Gold Award – the best award by iF design where LINDBERG was within the 75 of 10,000 applicants who received the honor.

The LINDBERG thintanium collection is the distinguishable benchmark for the future of titanium eyewear.

Reddot Winner 2021 Best of the Best Award
IF Gold Award 2021