2442/616 – GT/SL89

rimless titanium eyewear

2399/431 – GT/GC69

Made in Denmark

2399/431 – GT/GC69   ·   Made in Denmark

LINDBERG rimless titanium eyewear is known for its elegant, minimalistic design and light feel. But do not let the subtlety fool you. With the ultra-lightweight rimless glasses, you will be wearing a piece of beautiful engineering stripped clean of any redundancy.

One of the signature hinges of LINDBERG, beautifully engineered without screws.

With no screws, rivets, or unnecessary elements, the rimless eyeglasses are a testament to the possibilities of titanium. Every pair possesses the best qualities of titanium as are: ultra-lightweight, flexible and durable.

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2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2469 – GC72/EE05

2469 – GC72/EE05

2488/702 - PU16

2488/702 - PU16

2488/702 - PU16

2488/702 - PU16

The many customisable options can be used to create truly unique pieces of eyewear.


LINDBERG rimless eyewear is fully customisable. These stylish glasses feature upbeat and refreshing options of coloured lenses, bold temples, vibrant groove colours and unique geometrics.

2424/616 – GT/PU13

2410/614 – U9/EEU9/GC77

LINDBERG modern rectangle shape titanium glasses in dark grey colour U9

2408/615 – GT

LINDBERG SPIRIT titanium model 2408 GT gold aviator designer sunglasses

2446/615 – P10/PU13

LINDBERG titanium model 2446 rimless round glasses in blue colour PU13

2444/611 – PGT/PU12

LINDBERG rimless cat eye glasses in model 2444 with a gold tone colour

2442/600 – P10/U33/GC92

LINDBERG titanium rectangle glasses model 2442 in red colour U33

2440/611 – P70

LINDBERG titanium rimless round glasses in pink colour P70

2436/basic – P60/GC103

LINDBERG titanium Spirit rimless glasses model 2436 in gold colour P60 featuring a cat eye shape

2453/30 – GT/GC82

LINDBERG strip3p titanium model 2453 rimless glasses in a modern gold  aviator shape

2445/30 – PU15/GC87

LINDBERG strip3p model 2445 designer glasses in copper colour PU15 featuring a modern geometric shape

2440/408 – PU15/PU14

LINDBERG strip3p model 2440 round rimless glasses made of titanium in colour PU1

2424 - P10/PU13/GC55

LINDBERG strip3p model 2424 titanium glasses with a geometric square shape in PU13 blue colour

2408/30 – P10

LINDBERG strip3p titanium model 2408 tinted designer aviator sunglasses in silver colour p10

2330/30 – GT/U9

LINDBERG strip3p model 2330 titanium rimless glasses in U9 black colour

Play with the shape of your lenses for a different look. Round, soft, small or square, everything goes. With this wide array of rimless glasses, there is always a perfect pair for your unique style and face shape.


The colouring method of LINDBERG titanium eyewear is manual and highly specialised, which results in slight colour variations for every pair. LINDBERG titanium eyewear comes in 36 different colours. You can combine front colours, temple colours and temple covers to tailor your unique pair of LINDBERG glasses.


Temples are one of the most important features for rimless glasses. LINDBERG temples come in different materials in a multitude of designs and colours – perfect for expressing your personal style.

titanium wire · titanium plate · titanium and acetate

groove colours

Add your personal touch with a groove colour to outline the shape of your rimless glasses:

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02
2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

A groove colour adds a subtle touch to your rimless glasses.

2473 - PGT/GC02

2395/30 – P10/U9/GC82

LINDBERG strip3p titanium Model 2395 round rimless glasses

2395/30 – P85/GC04

LINDBERG strip3p titanium Model 2395 P85 turquoise colour rimless glasses in a round shape

2395/30 – GT/GC74

Rimless glasses with gold titanium temples Model 2395 GT from LINDBERG strip3p collection

A change of groove colour can make all the difference.

spirit titanium

The spirit titanium collection is truly a classic among rimless eyewear. Its ultra-minimalistic appearance makes sure that nothing obstructs the face. The glasses can weigh as little as 1.9 grams giving you the perfect mix of comfort and design.

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2487/515 – U9/GC82

2487/515 – U9/GC82

2496 - GT/PU9/GC08

2496 - GT/PU9/GC08

2496 - GT/PU9/GC08

2496 - GT/PU9/GC08

strip3p titanium

The strip3p collection is a modern take on rimless eyewear. The name, strip3p, reflects exactly what it is: three titanium pieces. Two temples and a nose bridge.

LINDBERG 2434/30 col. P10-PU9/GC97

2434 – P10/GC97

The front mounting technique gives a bold, yet refined expression and allows wearers with high prescriptions to experience the comfort and lightness of rimless eyewear.

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2461 – U15/GC69

2461 – U15/GC69

2393/431 – U13

LINDBERG men’s strip3p model 2393 rimless glasses in blue colour U13 with a square shape

2395/30 – P10/P80/GC04

LINDBERG strip3p titanium model 2395 rimless round glasses in a blue P80 colour

2399/431 – GT/GC69

LINDBERG strip3p model 2399 rimless glasses featuring a men’s square shape in a gold colour
5518 - 05/GC00 Photo of LINDBERG shop interior Gillian - K223/P10

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